Monday, September 13, 2010

Apple Picking!

I was so exited to go apple picking, I always wanted to do it. Growing up in Honduras never gave me a chance to get to know an apple tree. Most of the fruits I got to know where coconuts, guava, mangos, papaya and so on. Just tropical fruits.
So this was an activity we did with some of the Relief Society sisters and I had a lot of fun.
Isaac had fun picking up the apples from the tree, but everytime he did it he bit them. He probably had two & a half apples. One of the things he liked the most was looking at the animals. Isaac and I have been learning animals from an animal book he has. When I say I have been learning it is because I didn't know a lot of the animals and because the book is in English I had to get the dictionary and translate them (I felt bad when he would ask for the name of the animal in Spanish and I didn't know it). But anyways he is doing a good job learning the animals and the book consists of 100 animals and so far he knows at least 60. I promised when he learn all of them I would buy him a fish.(I wanna buy him a Nemo fish, he wants it too, except Mark thinks it is too expensive).Well anyways he liked looking at the animals and he recognized a lot of them from the book. He also got to "ride" a tractor. He loves cars, all types of cars and he's fascinated whe he gets to ride in any type of car, especially the bus and the train.
Here are some pics I got of us picking some delicious and juicy apples.

The girl on the back is a friend from the ward.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Castle Island Beach!

We went to the beach on Friday. I was a little disappointed because the beach was a little different than what I was expecting(a "little" different like prime rib is a little different from ground chuck - note from Mark) It was really pretty though, and I was a little cold by the end of our walk, I still don't know how I am going to handle the winter time here.
It looks like our summer days are going to be gone very soon, but we are enjoying the nice weather so far.
Here are more pics of our walk on Friday. All we have to say is that we really like Boston and there are lots of things to do here, we are hoping to have family and friends come visit us.

Our Tiger!!

So we had a BBQ in our apartment complex yesterday and  I was somewhat disapointted because I was thinking about North Carolina BBQ and Mark told me that the BBQ's here are a little different, like hot dogs and hamburgers, but anyways it was free and I can't complain. They also had a woman painting all the kids' faces. They looked so cute. I decided to take Isaac so he could get something cute done on his face. I was thinking about a car, but he saw a boy with a Lions face and he liked it. The girl who was painting their faces suggested a Tiger and I didn't care so he got a Tiger's face and he did really good as she was painting his face.Here are some pics:

The beginning of the process.

He was really happy when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time.

He didn't want to go take a nap because he wanted to see his face on the mirror. I also found him doing tiger faces and when I went in the room he stopped doing it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We are in Boston!!

Hi everyone. Finally we made it toBooooooossssston!
We are really excited to be here and Mark is excited to start school tomorrow.
Yesterday Mark and I were celebrating our 6th anniversary and we decided to go out and explore a little bit in the city. Isaac was really excited because he got to ride the bus and the train. Isaac is really funny and he enjoys living in "the Boston" like he says it.
 Everytime we mention we are going home, he says "no, go the Boston" hahahahaha, so that is what he calls our new house, the boston.
So anyways we were exploring and decided to go and rent a kayak. We had a lot of fun, it wasn't anything like going to Roatan, Honduras last year but we had a fun day, and of course I had to take a camera with me, so I was allow to bring my point shoot camera, (just in case we ended up in the river).
Here are some pics and I will be posting pictures of our apartment soon.